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Free software for distance learning


These are some notes about free, open source software (FOSS) that could be useful when going remote, in this business of helping people in their learning process (aka, distance learning).

Conducting distance learning sessions, and producing materials for distance learning involve many different areas. This document tries to include tools for many different scenarios, but maybe the core one would be:

The current table of contents of this document is:


[Usable in most browsers]

Video streaming and recording

[Usable in Linux, Windows, MacOS]

[Usable in Linux]

[Usable in Linux]

[Usable in Linux]

Video editing

[Usable in Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc.]

[Usable in Linux, Windows, MacOS]

[Usable in Linux, Windows]

[Usable in Linux, Windows, MacOS]

[Usable in Linux]

Audio edition

[Usable in Linux, Windows, MacOS]

Whiteboards and writing on screen

[Usable in Linux, Windwos, MacOS]

[Usable in Linux]

Chat groups

[Usable in most browsers, Android, iOS, Linux

Useful tricks

Everything together

Posts and tutorials on how to setup some of these tools together, in some cases in combination with other non-FOSS tools, or services:

Deployment and installation

Other useful resources

License and contributions

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