A playground for learning about A-frame

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Some notes while learning about A-frame

These are my notes, taken while learning about A-frame. Maybe they could be useful to others, but your mileage may vary…

In any case, feel free to pull request if you find errors, or if you have cool ideas to improve some of the steps. But keep in mind that it is just a simple guide, to start with A-frame from scratch.

I started with version 0.6.1, which was current when I started my learning process, but (if there is no mistake) everything is updated to using 1.2.0.

Some of the code used in the examples is available as A-Frame reusable components, which you can just include in your code.

Some tricks that could be useful, for A-Frame, for Oculus devices…

While I was learning about A-Frame, I was also learning about Webpack, and I took some notes:

I have also produced a templates directory, which I’m using as I learn about A-frame and webpack and npm and all the stuff.

Some old stuff, that very likely won’t even work:

All the code is in the A-Frame Playground GitHub repo.

For the examples, you can use your own GitHub or GitLab repos, configuring them to be exported as web sites. But if you want a simple yet powerful system to test your code, you can also use For example, the first example in Glitch: project, live app.

If you spot any error, please open an issue. If you want to contribute with changes, please submit a pull request.

Check out some examples and demos!!